Junior writer

Intelligent Speculation, Headquartered in Naperville, IL, provides individuals with the knowledge necessary to become a Critical Thinker. Informal logic (i.e., argument types, validity, soundness, logical fallacies, etc.), cognitive biases, and the scientific method along with other science related topics are all explained in detail and at a level that is accessible to anyone. Intelligent Speculation was founded on the belief that a society equipped with the proper set of critical thinking skills will possess more rational individuals who make better decision, which ensure a better future for all of us.


The Position

Be a key member of a functional team that focuses on providing individuals with high-quality content in the form of blog, video, and podcast material to assist them on their journey to critical thinking mastery. Content varies from philosophy to the sciences with a focus on education. As a Junior Writer at Intelligent Speculation, you will create content for our patrons that will assist them in their understanding of both science and critical thinking.


  • Work with the Principal Content Creator when creating new content.

  • Primarily, you will produce science related content for the site to assist in the brand's science communication efforts.

  • Help with social media posting (optional).

  • Team player who can work collaboratively to meet deadlines and uphold the brand's mission.

  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills.

Members of our team display a strong work ethic, a firm team oriented personality and a passion to positively impact society.


  • B.S. in biology, physics, chemistry, geology, psychology or another science-related discipline preferred.

  • Previous writing experience preferred.

  • Must know how to identify credible scientific sources and properly reference science-related content.

Job Type: Contract

Compensation: Negotiable

Interested candidates should send resume and cover letter to

Intelligent Speculation is an equal opportunity employer.