Let's face it; critical thinking is hard. It is not easy to seek out information that refutes your own position, deconstruct your own or your opponent's arguments and analyze them, make sure that your emotions are in check before making an important decision, etc. Here at Intelligent Speculation, we can empathize with you as it's something that we struggled with ourselves when we first learned this material.

In order to better assist you on your critical thinking journey beyond the educational articles and videos provided, we felt as though a more personal touch should be offered as well. The Elevated Mind Mentorship program allows you to directly connect with us to ensure that you're getting the help that you need.

For a small monthly fee of only $4.99, you will have access to a private online group where ideas can be discussed and questions answered. In this group, not only will you connect with us, but with others who are on their critical thinking journey as well.

If you feel that you would like additional mentoring, we also offer online, person-to-person mentoring for an hourly fee, which we can discuss by contacting us directly.


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