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The Logical Fallacy & When to Reject an Argument

The word “fallacy” comes from “fallacia” in Latin which means “deceit, trick, deception.” However, the more modern definition for logical fallacies is “faulty reasoning as a result of neglecting the rules of logic” or, more succinctly, just “an error in reasoning.” These errors can be found ubiquitously throughout our society as they are often part of a bad argument. As I've bemoaned previously…..

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What is a Good Argument?

As you are now familiar with the structure of an argument, there are now finer details that need to be addressed. First, arguments can primarily be categorized as either deductive or inductive, which derive their names from the types of reasoning used to construct them. Second, we'll discuss the concepts of validity and soundness for deductive arguments. Next, concerning inductive arguments….

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